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Indiegogo is GOGO!!!

August 18, 2012 in Posts

  • TransgenderLiving on Indiegogo!

    You’ve been hearing about it for weeks, but it’s finally here! TransgenderLiving is up and running on Indiegogo. Click the link to donate or learn more!!!

    What We Need:

    So here’s the skinny. I’ve been able to teach myself enough webdesign to create the foundation for the social network portion of the site. It’s already up and running in beta, which is great! But I’ve reached the limit of what I’m able to do on my own, which is why I need your help!

    We’re raising $5,000 to do a couple things:

    • $2,500 – Hiring a web programmer to build the social aggregation tool for the site. This is no small task, but most things worth doing aren’t easy (or cheap apparently). This person will also be responsible for helping to design and implement a user management system, which will allow for things like trusted users having access to special privileges on the site, submitting blogs for the front page, special forum titles, etc…
    • $1,500 – Hiring a graphic/web designer to create a custom look and feel for the site. Everything for page design and layout, to custom widget designs, to the header at the top of the page. Everything you see on the site will be touched by this person.
    • $500 – Any TG related site needs to be moderated for many reasons. Our crack team of monkeys (I mean moderators) deserves a little recognition every now and then, and this $ will go directly to making sure that they get it. Whether that’s holiday bonuses, special thank you gifts, etc.
    • $500 – Is set aside to purchase plug-in upgrades, and other site related expenses as the site grows. For example, the free chat plug-in that the site is currently using caps out at 25 users. In order to accommodate more users, we will need to buy a paid subscription to their service. This is just one example.

    How Can You Help?

    Well the first, and most obvious, way is to go to and donate.  Obviously this isn’t possible for everyone, so what do you do if you can’t donate?

    Other Ways You Can Help:

    We know that not everyone who wants to help can donate money, but there are still several ways that you can help make this project happen:

    • GET THE WORD OUT!!!  Tell your friends, co-workers, family, etc…  Do you make videos on Youtube? Talk about the project there.  Do you participate in any forums online?  Why not post a link to this page?  This project won’t be possible without a strong community backing, which is exactly where we need people the most!
    • SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! Check out the share tools on this, or the indiegogo page, and post this site wherever you can.  If an Indiegogo tries to raise money in a forest will anyone hear it???  Not unless we share the heck out of it!